We made it! LONDON!

What an adventure! My sister lives in London for half a year now, so I decided to visit her and combine it with some Gigs. What I did there? I had two guitar players with me, it was Felix and Silvio. We played 2 open mic shows. That was quit funny! The first one was in China Town (So I get to know China Town in London, and that’s really impressive!) and the second one was in a Pub (Damn that was crowded!) Both were really nice and the people enjoyed my music. On Sunday we had the Gig in Luna (The home of Live Music) It was a small location but it was crowded when we started with our second set! It was such a great experience because the people who were there, were all from another country! So Lovely! Music and the City London – Connects people! How great isn’t it? The response were awesome! And I am so glad that i did that! Hopefully I get there again! Soon!